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Our Meal Plans

The Light Meal Plan


This is a low calorie diet meal plan specially designed for people who want to loose weight and get back into shape yet don’t have to starve for it.

The Lean Meal Plan


This meal plan consists of high protein diet and is aimed toward people who need lots of energy as they are into sports and other forms of physical activities.

The Supercharger Meal Deal


For those people who want to stick with a diet plan that they can choose for a long period of time and can stay healthier with a balanced diet lifestyle.

How It Works


Order Your Meal

It’s so easy! Order online or over the phone and we’ll create a bespoke diet plan just for you.


Your Meal Delivered

We will send you your selected meal plan via mail. It will be sent to you biweekly.


Achieve Your Goal

Whether you are looking to loose weight or just live healthy lifestlye, our meal plans will help you out.

Welcome To Eat Clean Direct

Hey there, my name is Mary and I love food and everything about it! Although….. like any other mom, I’m always busy but still want to stay in shape. You must never forget that every improvement starts with a perfect balance; In this case, it’s the right balance between tasty food and the nutritional value that you have to look forward to. This is why; I turned my kitchen into a small business a few years ago so I can provide other mom with tasty and healthy diet meals delivered to their door in my town. It was the initial stages of Eat Clean Direct, a couple of clients around the city and me helping them out with moving onto a healthy lifestyle. As the business grew and the popularity of my home-cooked diet meals increased, it became necessary that I reached out to health and fitness enthusiasts around the country and hence Eat Clean Direct became an online food store.

After a fun and hardworking journey, Eat Clean Direct has grown into a nation-wide food delivery business that works with only the fresh and highly nutritious ingredients handled by professional chefs and nutrition experts, to provide our loyal and valued customers with delicious and healthy diet plans to help them achieve their fitness and weight loss targets while saving them a lot of time and fuss.

You are always welcome to contact us for any queries or suggestions. We duly appreciate customer feedback as well because we believe that our success is your satisfaction.

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We are developing the most innovative, nutritious, free-form and organic foods ever. The futre of health food is right here.