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About Eat Clean Direct

Here at Eat Clean Direct, we devote our energies to providing our clients with a variety of personalized and customized meal plans according to their needs. All of our meals can be easily customized according to a diet plan and you get to have results that you want to see! The food packages that we offer to consist of every meal that you would want to eat during your dieting days, each day of the week. That means you still get to eat fun meals while you’re on your path to a healthy and active lifestyle. Below are some of the qualities of the meal packages that we offer:

Customization: We allow you to personalize a meal plan according to your taste and need by adding in and swapping various food items as you like. You get the freedom to choose which food items you want in your meal plan, how many calories you want to include or exclude and then you get this customized food package delivered at your home.

Fresh Meals: All of our diet plans and meal packages are made of only the best fresh ingredients. All of our food baskets are prepared and delivered the very next day an order is made, so that all of our valued customers can enjoy the fresh texture and taste our foods have to offer.

Free Home Delivery: Another focus of our team, at Eat Clean Direct, is to deliver the fastest to all of our customers, wherever they may be across England. So wherever you may be, be it your home or your office or anywhere else, you can order our meals online to avail our services anywhere you like.

The procedure is easy:

Step 1: Choose from an existing food package out of more than 20 different meal plans we offer according to your taste, specified calories intake and the type of food group that you like.

Step 2: Customize the existing meal plan according to your own plan that you follow which can be very helpful if you are looking forward to shredding some weight or want to maintain the existing figure.

Step 3: Get your ordered package delivered to your door and enjoy your fresh food! We can consistently keep sending you the ordered meal plans on the specified dates that you would just have to reheat and enjoy.

It’s been some recent years we started operating online and we already have some loyal customers, we take pride in serving each time. Eat Clean Direct, basically, started as a home run kitchen serving a lot of many customers in the neighborhood but it was the need of time that we expanded our services to various health and fitness enthusiasts across the nation. So far, we humbly state that we’ve been a great help to hundreds of people to successfully acquire their targeted weight. You can start right away by going through the existing meal plans that we have to offer. Your fitness targets and weight loss goals are our priority!

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