As we believe in a healthy lifestyle for all, all of our meal plans consists of a lot of different healthy ingredients like -fruits and vegetables that offer a variety of minerals, fiber, and vitamins, -tofu and fish that are packed with proteins, -rice and quinoa that provide carbohydrates, -sprouted beans and pulses that are filled with enzymes the enable easy digestion, and many other
Here at Eat Clean Direct, we restrain from using ingredients that contain or are treated with artificial sugar, salt, and other food additives. Our dishes are also gluten-free which is difficult to digest for people who are gluten intolerant. Because of the fact that most dairy products are suggested by health experts to be hazardous to health, we also avoid using such ingredients for our meal plans. Most of the times our meal plans are organic or fresh and locally supplied if we use fish.
The vegetable ingredients that we use for our vegetarian meals are specially designed to match the nutrition offered by fish, chicken or lamb meat. If you’re a pescetarian then you can mention it along with your order that you want fish in your vegetarian meal plan. Our vegan meal plans are also different from any other suppliers as we do not use any animal products, not even honey.
Yes, you wouldn’t have to do a thing. Just reheat your meal, if needed and you’re good to go. We recommend reheating your food in a conventional oven rather than a microwave because microwaves are indicated to deteriorate the nutritional contents of a meal.
We recommend that you keep it simple and only drink water. You can add some lemon juice according to your taste. Avoid drinking water after a meal and drink plenty of it before and during the meal intervals. We suggest that you drink at least 2 liters of water each day.


All of our clients get to choose a start date once they pick a specific meal plan. In any way, if your meal plan cannot be started on the date you have specified then we will send you an email disclosing that and would offer you an alternative start date that would be available.
For BH postcodes and the New Forest in Hampshire: Three evenings, (5pm to 9:30pm) each week Monday for Tuesday and Wednesday Meals Wednesday for Thursday and Friday Meals Friday for Saturday, Sunday and Monday Meals For Clients outside the above-mentioned areas: Delivery before 12pm on Tuesday for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Meals Friday for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday or Monday For Isle of Wight and Parts of Cornwall and Scotland Customers might not get their delivery before 12 pm.
Yes. Our delivery system comprises of a number of chilled delivery vans that extend our services throughout the UK, Wales and major cities in Scotland.

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