The Light Meal Plan

Light Meal

Looking Forward to Weight Loss?

Our Light Meal Plan offers almost 1100 calories per day only, spreading across breakfast, lunch and dinner. (We suggest that you continue this meal plan for at least 30 days to see results that would amaze you!) Once your body gets comfortable with this low-calorie diet plan, the calories intake can be further decreased, according to your fitness need, by switching onto fruit breakfasts, tasty salads and soups for lunch and minimizing the carbs furthermore in the dinner.

The good thing about our Light Meal Deal is that it does not offer very low calories and that saves your body from getting into yo-yo dieting cycles. We have a lot of positive reviews on this diet plan with customers stating that the Eat Clean Direct’s Light Meal Plan not only provides delicious and tasty diet food but the amount food is just so right that you don’t feel any starving or lower energy levels.

This amazingly delicious and healthy diet consists of the following:

Breakfast: Yofu along with dairy free cream and tasty Nectarines along with figs.

Lunch: Chinese Green Salad with coconut dressing along with non-dairy Jacket Potato, Cheese, Courgette, and Onion.

Dinner: Delicious Vegetable Curry to spread over Biryani (Rice)

“I get a lot of questions from my clients regarding how to optimize their weight loss or how to initiate it in the first place. The weight loss targets of my clients have always been my priority and that is why I have always focused on delivering my clients with the right diet meals with appropriate quantities. As long as you take care of the right food and appropriate amount of exercise, your body handles the rest on its own. That is why; this meal plan is entirely focused on providing you with the right healthy amount and nutrition that you need. The Light Meal Plan can work miracles on people who are focused on what their fitness goals are and need the much important help to do it. You can see the results for yourself like many other satisfied customers who’ve been successful in achieving their desired weight.” – Mary

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