Terms & Conditions


1- All of the mentioned terms and condition on this page implement on all orders that you would place with us. Placing an order with us automatically indicates that you agree with all of the terms, hence, you must read all of these carefully. On the placement of an order, a contract between “you” the customer and “us” or “we” at Eat Clean Direct starts that includes all of these Terms as a whole.

2- We will not entertain any variation in these existing Terms without any written approval from us.


3- The price of a specific Meal Plan that you will order will be in accordance to that of shown on the booking form. If you happen to change or upgrade your order in any way then the additional amount to be charged will be notified you during the confirmation process of your order.

4- The prices of Meal Plans do not include VAT.  It must be noted that the delivery charges might add VAT.

5- All of the payments for various Meal Plans or additional meals and items can be done in accordance to clause 3 by a credit or debit card while the order is being placed.

6- We only accept credit and debit cards powered by Mastercard and Visa. Any of the transaction losses and expenses shall be covered by the customer.

7- The cool bags and ice packs remain the property of Eat Clean Direct that the clients receive along with their Meal Plans.

8- Once the food is delivered at a given address, it is the responsibility of the customer to keep them chilled. Eat Clean Direct is not responsible for the safe keeping of a food item after delivery.

Postponing of Meals, Cancellation of Subscription and Refund Policy

9- A notice shall be forwarded by the client 5 working days prior to any sort of cancellation or postponement of a Meal Plan. All of the canceled Meal plan days shall be added at the end of a specific meal plan. Clients looking forward to refunds on cancellation of their Meal Plan as a whole must contact management about the validation of their refund claim.

Health Hazard

10- Our Meal Plans comprises of various types of nuts, seeds, seafood, soybeans, soy products, and celery that can be allergic to some. It is the responsibility of the customer to mention their allergy before they place an order. Failing to mention any allergies or any health concerns related to a specific product before making an order automatically makes us assume that you don’t have any allergies. We are sorry to state that we don’t serve customers with life-threatening allergies. In accordance with the clause 16, Eat Clean Direct is not responsible for any allergic reactions suffered brought onto anyone who eats our meals.

11- Our focus is to provide our customers with healthy food and various healthcare products. Any tips of suggestions shared on our website are only for educational purposes and can never rule the advice or suggestion of a medical professional. We insist that you look out for an authentic advice from a medical expert before you start your journey on our various offered dietary Meal Plans.


12- We never compromise on the quality of our various products, Meal Plans, and other services. Hence, it is subjected to the client to make a prompt notification in the case of any dissatisfaction on any part of our services.

13- We ensure a warranty on our subjected terms that each one of our Meal Plan will be delivered by Eat Clean Direct using only the best skills and care.

14- We offer a variety of Meal Plans equally to our vegan, vegetarian, and other food-specific customers. We do our best to deliver the food as ordered by the clients but there is always a chance of a mistake and it can happen that you might get another Meal Plan in contrast to the Meal Plan you request. Although it is highly unlikely to happen, we still offer complimentary meal buckets or increasing a day on the Meal Plan of our customers who have to deal any such unpleasant situation.

15- We offer a refund according to clause 12 but we take no responsibility for any refunding in accordance with clause 13.

16- None of the listed Terms can border or overrule our liability for personal mishap or death caused because of our shortcoming, any type of fraud or misrepresentation and for all of the matters for which it will be illegal for our company to exclude our liability. Our liability to you, mentioned in this Term, is subjected to the amount charged on a Meal Plan by us.


17- We are passionate about providing our clients with quality services and make sure that all of our Meal Plans are delivered on the agreed date. But we still advise all of the customers to stock some extra meals in case of a highly unlikely event where their order isn’t delivered on time. You will be notified as soon as possible if we will not be able to deliver a specified about of Meal Plans on an agreed date and will make sure that your Meal Plan is then delivered to your door on the next mutually decided date.

18- We are only liable to deliver the food items to the delivery address that you will provide us with online and we also spare the right to cancel any order placed online as well as the right to stop delivery in a specific city when needed.

19- In case, no one responds to the person delivering your Meal Plans on your specified address we would leave your package according to the instructions mentioned in the booking form that you fill during placing an order. We take no responsibility if the meals are spoilt because of your lack of responsibility to accept them in person, the cost for any such meals will be charged fully and no refunding will be entertained.

20- We will always own the right to alter or change a specific Meal Plan at any given time. If we stop offering the Meal Plan ordered by you then we will offer you a similar alternative.

Information Protection

21- We process all of our client’s data with accordance to the Data Protection Act 1998 and all other data protection legislation and your data might only be used for any legal obligation according to such Terms. It is understood that the data provided by you will be used only for operational activities.

22- All of these mentioned Terms are enforced to create a mutual agreement and understanding between our business and you- the valued client. If of these Terms turns out to be a void, illegal, unreasonable or invalid from a legal point of view then such Terms will be immediately disposed and the rest will still be implemented.

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