The Lean Meal Plan

The Lean Meal Plan

Get Lean and Strong

The Lean Meal Plan is specifically focused on athletes as it provides them with high protein diet required for their various vigorous sports activities. You can choose from two different meal plans in this sections which we insist that you follow for at least 30days to see the best results coming forth.

Amateur Athlete Diet Plan: Are you a person with a regular job but take your athletic activity seriously? Amateur Athlete Diet Plan offers 2500 calories a day and is specifically designed for people who are into vigorous workouts and sports and want to follow a diet plan that meets their nutritional needs.

Elite Athlete Diet Plan: This diet plan is for serious and professional athletes. Starts with 3000 calories per day, this diet plan can be customized according to your need and calories consumption.

The Lean Meal Plan offers the following:

Breakfast: Pear & Raspberry Smoothie

Mid-Day Snack: Cherry and Almond Flapjack

Lunch: Spicy Carrot & Lentil Soup along with Noodle Salad, Peanut Sauce, and a Tuna Sandwich

Evening Snack: Mixed Nuts and Seeds

Dinner: Spanish Tortilla along with Vegetable and Chicken, Red Cabbage, Red Onion, Apple & Cauliflower

“On my journey to providing my clients with balanced and nutrition diet plans, I have worked alongside a lot of athletes and have learned a lot about the perfect balance required by a body, in terms of nutrition, that goes through vigorous activities on a daily basis. These Lean Meal Plans are highly focused on athletes who don’t want to or cannot compromise on anything related to their health and fitness. It is very crucial for a professional athlete to stay energized throughout his day to carry on with his much necessary training. That is why,these meal plans are divided into five segments comprising for three basic meals and two light snacks.” – Mary

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