The Supercharger Meal Deal

The Supercharger Meal Deal

Eat healthy, stay energetic.

The Supercharger Meal Deal is particularly praised by our consistent clients because they admire the fact that this meal plan takes care of their everyday food sourcing. This plan offers almost 1500 calories a day distributed among the breakfast, lunch and dinner. You also get a chance to customize your meals if you like to follow a vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free diet plans along with adding in or swapping any ingredients that don’t go with your taste or needs. (We insist that you follow this meal plan for at least 30 days so you can see its results on your energy level and work-efficiency.)

If you are comfortable with your existing weight or want to reduce it without feeling a bit of the process then this meal plan will suit you the most. Not just that, this meal plan helps you stay energetic throughout the day and you will notice an increased efficiency and better focus on your daily tasks. With a room for adding just a little more because of the reasonable amount of calories that this meal plan has to offer, you can also add income healthy vegetable or fruit snack or can order some healthy and tasty flapjacks from us.

With this meal plan, our breakfast and lunch menus change every 14 days and dinners after almost a month. You can also look forward to seasonal upgrade or an availability of a new dish particularly inspired by your taste and needs.

The Supercharge Meal Deal offers:

Breakfast: Delicious Ginger and Raisin Muffin

Lunch: Beetroot & Onion Hummus on spelt Bread along with Barley Broth

Dinner: Almond-crusted Salmon Escalope covering delicious Lentils along with roasted Potatoes, French Beans, and Julienne Carrots.

“Ever since I started the home-cooked meal delivery system, I’ve seen hundreds of my clients coming back even after years. All of them have beautiful remarks in common about how they love the taste and texture of my cooked meals and these meals made things a lot better and easy to them. The Supercharger Meal Deal is ones of the most popular one of them because of the balanced nutritional values, flavors, and tasty ingredients. You can stick to this meal plan for months or either go with a 30 days bundle to increase your vitality and health.”  -Mary

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